Sunday, July 27, 2008

I've got a job!

FINALLY after writing out 12 different resumes and writing ANOTHER damn cover letter and filling out a HUGE AmeriCorp application....drum roll please.....


I'm pretty excited about this job, if you can't tell. It's a salaried position with the Youth Volunteer Corp. I'm going to be a Leader of sorts. Basically, I work on several volunteer projects every week with kids 11-18. I organize events and kids, help form a youth advisory board and help write a newsletter, among other things. The people there seem very enthusiastic (which you get at a lot of non-profits) and I'm just super-pumped to start in September.

As for the pay, it's crapola. $11,400 for a year of service. That's what they call it in AmeriCorp. When you say you'll work for them, you basically sign a contract that says you will work for a full year and that you will put in so many hours on the job. I have to put in 1700 hours before Sept. 2, 2009. Then once I do that, I get a $4700 education voucher (which I'm going to use to pay off part of my loans). So that's a huge bonus at the end of the year. PLUS I get paid for mileage to an from the office and to and from job sites. This is a huge bonus as well because from the house that we will be moving into (hopefully), the drive to the office is 25 miles. So I'll be making a 50 mile commute every day (that's going to take an hour each way...wahoo).

I plan on keeping this blog. However, I' m going to write about the job and more personal things on here.

Now, there are biscuits and gravy waiting for me. On that note, I leave!

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MUD said...

Some time sit down with one of your grandparents and ask them what it is that makes them feel worthwhile. There is a different thing for each person and it is hard to figure out at 21 what it is that floats your boat. For some, money is only a way to do more things and what you do isn't as important as the fact it pays well. Others would rather be the head of an agency and draw only a dollar a year. I challenge you that just reading books isn't enough. Be the person that writes a book. Even if it isn't the biggest, best seller. Here are a few of my golden rules I offer to you for nothing :
Income must be less than or equal to outgo.
Wanting what you have is more important than wanting more stuff.
The important things in life may not come to you until late in life. Working to get there may be the journey you seek.
If you can't do anything else, laugh. Life is way too short to be sad.
Smile and make the "Bastards" wonder what you are up to.