Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Already went to the mall…

Name that song and I'll give you a huge prize.

Obviously, I really suck at trying to keep a blog on one topic (you should know this because of how rarely I've been updating). I went for an interview last week with the Youth Volunteer Corp of America and it seems like a way cool job. Only drawbacks? I have to commit myself until next September to working there full-time and it only makes 11k for the whole year. However, they pay for mileage to and from job sites and the office, so there's a huuuuge perk. I'm still waiting to hear from the schools I applied to for teachers aide positions.

Alright, now I'm bored of talking about jobs. They're not interesting and anyway, I can't focus on this damn topic! Gah!

Dear readers (you probably number in the zeros), I'm getting married next Saturday and it's consumed my brain. Now I know how the wedding industry manages to squeeze an average of 23,000 from couples; they hire a very expensive wedding planner so they don't have to worry about it. Seriously, I barely have a job and all I can do is worry about the details for my wedding. Do you know what my job is? Tutoring! One person! Still, all I can think about is this wedding. Then my soon to be mother-in-law goes off the deep end, I totally lose my respect for her, she threatens not to come, then when we tell her that's ok if she doesn't come, she changes her mind. That's also all I can think about. How do I treat a woman who has insulted me, my family and my future husband?

Answer me that and I'll give you another huge prize…we're talking, a book or something. The book would be the book I want right now: The Quilters Complete Guide.

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