Sunday, July 20, 2008

10 years ago

10 years ago, I was 11 and in the summer between fifth and sixth grade. I had asked Mitch to be my boyfriend, FINALLY, after wishing on a star (literally) for many nights. 10 years ago, we were walking around a creek and he showed me his "secret path" to get to the creek faster. I was enjoying the sunny, warm day and entranced by the water moving slowly in the creek.

10 years later, I still remember where that path is and have frequently walked down it when in need of a spiritual lift. I still turn to the outdoors whenever I am feeling sad and need the world to remind me again that there are others out there and a lot more life to this planet than just mine, or even human life.

10 years later, I am getting married to the most wonderful man I have ever met (besides my daddy) in two weeks. We're getting a house soon and with that comes with a mortgage. I'm a little bewildered at how my life has turned into the normal get a husband, get a house, maybe have babies schtick, but then I remember the path it took to get here, then I don't think it's so normal. It has been a few very hard years emotionally as I have grown up too fast for my own good. At first, I learned the pain that comes with moving out of one's parents house and trying to fit your life in with another's seemingly alone. However, the pain has subsided and I have already learned so much from this wonderful man and can now enjoy our relationship knowing that it's one of the strongest I've ever been witness to. I know I will learn to accept the idea of having a house to take care of, instead of going on frequent vacations or traveling everywhere in the world. I know I can handle, and enjoy, whatever comes my way because I have this man beside me.

10 years later, I know my life has been and is amazing and it is something I'm grateful for every day. I hope I never lose this gratefulness, no matter what life throws my way.

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