Monday, June 30, 2008

A quasi-interview

I'm changing the topic today in lieu of a quasi-job interview. I contacted the person at the Student Activities Office of my school to talk about working there. I have an idea that I may like helping to plan stuff for people to do. I like to plan parties, so this seems like it'd be pretty close to that.

I'm a little confused on how to act. This isn't exactly an interview. I e-mailed her to ask if I could get a job there. She told me to come in to talk about an internship. So it sounds like if I want a job, I have it. But I'm not sure how to dress or if it's appropriate to take my resume. We're also going to talk about working in a student activities office for a career, so that's a little informal, right? I think I'll wear jeans and a nice shirt and take my resume. That sounds like it should be right for something this casual.

OK, later! How to know you hate a job or that you love it!

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