Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It’s hate/really hate relationship

I know I said I would tell you how you know you hate or love your job. But really, am I qualified to do this? I just found out I'm going have a 60/40 split of happiness/unhappiness at my job. And that the hole in my soul that longs to be filled with a warm, glow-y "I'm useful" feeling probably won't be filled by my career. Oh yeah, and that all of my ideals about my job are too idealistic. I'm a little weird. I've been looking forward to my career since third grade. I know that's strange. I never dreamt about the perfect man or my wedding … just about what I'd be doing with my life. My career would equal my life.

Because I've placed so much emphasis on a career, I've been very picky when it comes to jobs. I quit if I hate it; I never stay places for the money. Here are the signs I have when I totally hate a job:

  1. I dread going back the second day/after lunch.
  2. Punching myself in the face and/or boob is a better option than doing my work.
  3. I want to murder someone in my car after leaving because I'm so angry I have to go back.
  4. I don't respect my boss.
  5. I seriously consider living in my parent's basement for the rest of my life rather than face this horrific unhappiness day after day.
  6. I walk around talking to myself. The conversations are mostly what I would say to my idiot boss and/or co-workers.
  7. I don't make up a nice sounding excuse when I quit; and I don't feel bad about quitting either.

Tomorrow: My phone interview

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