Friday, June 27, 2008

Beginning in the Middle

I went to a career counselor today with the intention of finding out what I'm going to do with my life. Obviously, it didn't work that way or I probably wouldn't be writing this blog. He broke down a lot of idealistic ideas I've had about my future job. For example, I've believed my entire life that my career (not my spouse) would complete me. I would be completely happy in this job, I would be passionate about it and would feel like I was making a difference. He told me that was way too much to expect from a career. I will probably be happy 60 percent of the time in my job and unhappy 40 percent. I would rather it be a 90/10 split, or even 80/20, but if a career counselor says it, it's probably true.

We also discussed my writing. I've been focusing on that since sophomore year (I'm a senior now). He asked why I don't do more of it on my own. I realized I'm very afraid of using all of my free time to write and then failing at it. Like, having everyone tell me I suck majorly. So, here I am.

I want this blog to be about my job search for that job that is at least a 60/40 split. In the last two months, I've already written 10 cover letters, 8 resumes and have had only one callback. It's definitely frustrating and it's even more terrifying to contemplate what will happen after I graduate with a degree in English Lit. What the hell am I going to do with that? Is it useless or multi-purpose? I suppose I'll find that out too.

Tomorrow…All the different types of jobs I've applied for.

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